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About Us

About Us

EKOMBUD was established in 1991. Initially the company specialized in the production of containers for different types of waste. It soon turned out that the market demands are much wider. 

With over 20 years of experience, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of our waste containers. 

Our attitude is expressed in offering the best solutions for our customers and business partners. We make our containers corresponding to a multitude of different needs and  transport segregated and prepared recyclable waste.

From 2014. We operate as two companies: EKOMBUD Civil Partnership (today already EKOMBUD sp. J.), Which focuses its activities mainly on a comprehensive waste management and EKOMBUD Sp. z o.o. waste containers production. Ekombud put lots of efforts to popularize environmentally friendly attitudes in the field of municipal waste management which is the mission of our business. What is happening at the micro level (in our homes and gardens), affects a macro, a bigger and wider sphere we all share - the environment.

We are talking about the necessity of day to day segregation of domestic wastes, use sustainable packaging and returnable bottles, strongly discourage the throwing of used equipment and other waste to the forests and meadows, the waste of water and energy.

All this in the name of living in heatlhy households and clean environment!

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