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Kontener KP7 do hakowca

Special Use Containers

  • Sealed Container KP5

    Cubic Capacity : 5 m3
  • KP7 Heated Bottom

    Cubic Capacity : 7 m3
  • KP32 Sealed

    Cubic Capacity : 32 m3
  • KP18 Tarpaulin

    Cubic Capacity : 18 m3
  • KP 36 Tarpaulin

    Cubic Capacity : 36 m3
  • KP12 NFR 17-108 Skip

    Cubic Capacity : 12 m3
  • KP38 with screw conveyor

    Cubic Capacity : 38 m3
  • KP33 for compactors

    Cubic Capacity : 33 m3
  • KP30 retractable cover

    Cubic Capacity : 30 m3

We manufacture these for individual orders to meet non-typical requirements of our clients. If you are looking for a container for non stanard usage please share the idea or your project so we can deliver what you need.

We have significant experience in making customized containers with special features such as:

- sealed containers, with a heated floor for a sewage treatment plant
-containers for the handling of waste compactors
- containers with a screw conveyor for the collection and transport of sawdust
- containers with a retractable steel roof in industrial wastecontainers with sliding tarpaulin on a curtain side walls made of tarpaulin
- stackable containers