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KP7 Mesh

Container KP7 Mesh
Container KP7 Mesh Container KP7 Mesh Container KP7 Mesh
KP7 Mesh
3500 mm
1700 mm
1000 mm + wys. daszku
Cubic Capacity
7 m3
Recyclable wastes, packaging, cardboards
Opening system:
Gates or Flaps
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Waste containers manafactured by Ekombud

Containers manufactured by Ekombud comply with the standards of the current world and also meet the German standard DIN 30 720 and 30 722.

We are a leading supplier of containers for municipal waste management, recycling and construction industries both in Poland and abroad. Our offer includes RORO (roll on/off) containers, hooklift skips, open/enclosded skips, recycling banks, compactor containers. We can also design and manufacture containers for non-statnards applications/usage.

Ekombud hires a qualified staff and use high graded steel materials.

We are experienced supplier as we use our own products on everyday basis in waste diposal across Bochnia municipaility. Therefore, usability and durability is at the core of our offer.

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